A golden way to antibiotic-free poultry production

  • Improves poultry performance under challenged conditions
  • Strengthens gastrointestinal tract
  • Improves livability
  • Enhances foot pad quality
  • Improves bone formation and bone strength


Supporting gut microflora for top poultry performance.

On the basis of BIOSTRONG® 510, Delacon developed a powerful solution for poultry production under challenging conditions. For antibiotic-free production (ABF) or production systems with high microbial challenges BIOSTRONG® FORTE combines all advantages of BIOSTRONG® 510 with the positive effects of esterified short and medium chain fatty acids on the avian gut microbiota.

How does BIOSTRONG® FORTE work?

A sophisticated composition of various phytogenic substances positively improves the feed efficiency and feed conversion in poultry. Together with pungent substances, essential oils of BIOSTRONG® FORTE stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and improve the bird's anti-oxidant status. Bitter substances and saponins further enhance nutrient absorption, positively influencing feed conversion ratio. Moreover, selected saponins of BIOSTRONG® FORTE further reduce ammonia formation and, thus, have a positive impact on the environment. Due to its proportion of esterified short and medium chain fatty acids, BIOSTRONG® FORTE is specially designed to be used in antibiotic-free poultry production. It was shown that BIOSTRONG® FORTE successfully eased production losses from subclinical enteritis, when broilers were challenged with Clostridium perfringens perfringens following a coccidiosis vaccination. Esterified fatty acids improve gastrointestinal integrity due to an accelerated regeneration of enterocytes and support the microbial ecosystem.

It is the combined effect of short and medium chain fatty acids together with selected phytogenic active substances that make BIOSTRONG® FORTE a powerful tool in antibiotic-free poultry production: BIOSTRONG® FORTE improves performance under challenging conditions, thus supporting livability in poultry.

Product application

General dosage recommendation broiler:

BIOSTRONG® FORTE 750 g/MT (1.5 lb/t) at least till day 28, followed by BIOSTRONG® 510 (150 g/MT or 0.3 lb/t)

General dosage recommendation turkeys:

BIOSTRONG® FORTE 750 g/MT (1.5 lb/t) for the first 6-8 weeks, followed by BIOSTRONG® 510 (150 g/MT or 0.3 lb/t)