The natural way to a healthy digestive tract in farm animals

  • Performance improvement
  • Health promotion
  • Cost reduction
  • Control of intestinal mucosa integrity and balance of intestinal microflora
  • Increase in weight gain
  • Feed conversion improve
  • Digestion support during stress


FORTIBAC® is intended to support development, integrity and function of the digestive tract. Only a healthy digestive tract and efficient digestion can facilitate the maximum use of the feed nutrients for animal growth and performance.

The active ingredient is a complex of modified organic acids (short- and medium-chain). Modifying chemical bonding to a neutral form ensures activity at higher pH levels (intestinal tract) in contrast to free organic acids or their polar salts effective at lower pH only (in crop, stomach).

Product benefits

  • Regulates the intestinal microflora
  • Direct energy source for enterocytes – improves the condition, resistance and regeneration of the intestinal mucosa
  • Improves the utilisation of feed nutrients
  • Reduces the incidence of digestive problems
  • Increases weight gains and improves feed conversion

Product application

FORTIBAC® - dry (powdery) form is to be applied with feeds.

FORTIBAC® liquid - is intended for adding to feed water, or eventually for spaying into feed. The product can be used for all animal species and categories having the highest contribution on the young – fattening and rearing of poultry, piglets, calves, and also sensitive species and categories, such as rabbits, nursing sows, etc.