Increase your profit: A unique combination of natural extracts for balanced metabolism in ruminants

  • Performance boost
  • Health support
  • Emission reduction
  • 100% phytogenic
  • Increases feed intake and performance
  • Enhances metabolic functions
  • Enhanced digestion, indirect hepatic protection
  • Improved energy and protein utilisation


RUMEX is a 100% plant product intended to improve feed utilisation in ruminants. RUMEX is an innovative solution in ruminant nutrition that improves metabolic processes in animals.

Operation of RUMEX is based on the synergistic effect of natural substances such as essential oils, saponins, mucilages and flavonoids. RUMEX is safe, it provides efficient and sustainable production with zero residues in meat and milk.

The innovative composition and content of active ingredients in our product promotes the production of volatile fatty acids in ruminants and improves the efficiency of feed utilisation in rumen.

For balanced metabolic processes in dairy cows, beef cattle and small ruminants (goats, sheep)

Saponins are one of the active ingredients of RUMEX that reduce the production of ammonia in the rumen. This leads to a higher incorporation of nitrogenous substances into the microbial protein, and thereby reduction of energy balance losses in the animal.

Product benefits

  • Increases frequency of rumination and roughage intake
  • Improves performance
  • Facilitates better utilisation of individual feed fractions
  • Prevents acidosis and other metabolic diseases (e.g., ketosis, fatty liver), occurring mainly in the postpartum period
  • Improves milk quality, helps to stabilise physical condition and improve reproductive performance
  • Reduces the production of greenhouse gases and ammonia
  • It acts to calm the behavior of animals

Product application

RUMEX is applied "on top" meaning it is added on top of the feed ration.

  • 4 - 5 g/head/day in dairy cows
  • 1 g/100 kg live weight/day in beef cattle
  • 1 g/head/day in ewes and goats
  • 0.8 g/head/day in lambs