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Your partner for modern animal production.
We rely on our own research, development, production and our employees.
We want to succeed together with our customers and partners.

What we oFFER

feed additives

We develop and produce additives that increase productivity, improve the health of livestock, eliminate unwanted substances in feed and at the same time have a positive effect on the environment.


We offer programs for all categories of livestock. Modulation of the intestinal microbiome, improvement of digestibility, elimination of the effect of mycotoxins, prevention of zoonoses, reduction of ammonia emissions.

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research and DEVELOPMENT

Our own science and research team creates new solutions. We cooperate with the best domestic and foreign universities and laboratories.
We bring customers new, proven and effective solutions and also tailor-made products.

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quality management

Quality is synonymous with our approach. We work in the GMP + B1 and B3 standards, which also includes setting quality policy, quality control of products and processes and their further improvement.

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Our programs


We offer preventive solutions to support immunity and animal health and focus on more efficient use of nutrients from feed and improvement of production indicators.


The program includes products that increase feed intake and utilization, stabilize the optimal pH of the rumen and improve the health of the animals. It also offers protection against the negative effects of mycotoxins and strengthens the immune system of animals. In young animals, it concentrates on supporting the development and proper function of the digestive tract.


The program focuses on promoting health, viability and the efficient use of nutrients for higher production.


We focus on improving performance parameters, reducing emission gases and offering preventive solutions to support immunity and animal health.