We are a modern company with a 25-year experience of operation in the field of feed additives.

The company's foundations were laid in 1992 as a subsidiary of the Austrian company DELACON. Since the establishment, our company has still had the same management, values and constantly developing staff. A strong team, a friendly and creative atmosphere and a professional approach are the basis of our success.

Upon the initial development of phytogenic feed additives market, the company started to pursue other types of feed additives such as mycotoxin binders, organic acids and their more efficient derivatives, silage inoculants and many others.

Our strategy is to use active substances that help to reduce the excessive application of antimicrobial agents, do not burden the environment and improve economics of the livestock production.

In 2017, the management bought back the parent company's share and initiated a new phase of the company's market activity.

We lay special emphasis on our own developments and production as well as close cooperation with our partners.

Our goal is to find the most economically favourable and competitive solutions to the current problems of livestock production in collaboration with our customers and experts in individual fields.Our own manufacturing technology built up in 2015 enables us to create special programs and meet particular requirements of individual enterprises or countries. An integral part of our activities is the market development in Central and Eastern Europe and establishing close cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of raw materials and feed additives. The most significant among them are DELACON, LALLEMAND and INTRACARE – world leaders in their area of expertise.

Mutually beneficial cooperation, search for innovative solutions and striving for high-quality GMP+ certified products – these are core values of a long-term and successful activity of our company in the market.