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For a healthy digestive tract



  • Control of intestinal microflora independent of pH
  • Support for the development and regeneration of the intestinal wall
  • Reduction of intestinal and systemic inflammation
  • Better animal performance


The main effect of the product is an antibacterial effect (e.g. Clostridium sp., E. coli), which is pH independent.
Fortibac® modulates the microbiome, supports the immunity and integrity of the intestine and exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect.
Fortibac® is the optimal combination of esters of selected fatty acids with confirmed effect in the entire digestive tract.


  • Form - powder, liquid
  • Packaging - Fortibac® Powder: 25kg bag, Fortibac® Liquid: 20kg container, 1000kg IBC


(Not all products are available in all markets.)


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Our programs


We offer preventive solutions to support immunity and animal health and focus on more efficient use of nutrients from feed and improvement of production indicators.


The program includes products that increase feed intake and utilization, stabilize the optimal pH of the rumen and improve the health of the animals. It also offers protection against the negative effects of mycotoxins and strengthens the immune system of animals. In young animals, it concentrates on supporting the development and proper function of the digestive tract.


The program focuses on promoting health, viability and the efficient use of nutrients for higher production.


We focus on improving performance parameters, reducing emission gases and offering preventive solutions to support immunity and animal health.