Program for sows
and piglets



  • Performance improvement
  • Better health of sows and piglets
  • Improvement of reproduction parameters
  • Higher weaning weight of the litter and better condition of the piglets

Program for sows and piglets

Sows and piglets are among the most sensitive categories in animal production.
With the growing requirements on the performance of sows, the need for proper nutrition, prevention, hygiene and biosecurity is also steadily increasing. Infectious environmental pressure (e.g. Clostridium) can also significantly affect the health and condition of reared piglets and the production of safe, antibiotic-free meat.
The program for sows and piglets offers preventive solutions to support immunity and animal health. Thanks to the strengthening of the intestinal barrier and the modulation of the intestinal microbiome, we produce animals that are not only resistant to pathogens, but also able to fully utilize nutrients from feed.