ADDICOO is introducing

To mark the occasion of the formal introduction of a new company ADDICOO, a celebration was held in Stosikovice near Znojmo on September 20. The company was established by agreement between Bohumir Simerda and Petr Safranek – company CEOs – and the parent company Delacon. Markus Dedl, CEO of the parent company Delacon Biotechnik GmbH, gave the green light to formation of the new company with Czech owners that would carry on the work of Delacon Biotechnik CR.

During its 25-year existence, the company has built up a team of 35 people. Upon initial development of phytogenic additives market in the Czech and Slovak Republics, the company's experts began to enlarge on other categories of additives like mycotoxin binders, acidifying agents and antifungal preparations, silage preservatives and many others. Since 2000, activities of other Eastern European countries were coordinated from the Czech Republic. The entire process was completed by establishing a subsidiary in Russia and registering a range of products not only there, but also in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) in Stosikovice started its operation in 2011. One of the next milestones was reached in 2015 with launching the company's own production facility in the Czech Republic. That production facility is still expanding.

"In 2017, there is another crucial step that will ensure the best functioning in future. This move is the splitting of the present company and transferring its operation and commercial sections to the exclusive ownership of the Czech management. The parent company Delacon will take over from Delacon CR full ownership of branches in Poland, Hungary and Russia as well as the PNRC research center located in Znojmo region. The management of Delacon CR will redeem shares from the parent company, establish a successor company and continue to represent Delacon as its exclusive distributor in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and other countries", said Bohumir Simerda, a new co-owner of ADDICOO.

Markus Dedl, co-owner of Delacon in Austria, French management representatives, representatives of Lallemand, Czech researchers and other prominent guests from the feed business honoured the company's 25th anniversary and starting up a new company. They extended a cordial welcome to the newly established Czech company and wished it every success in the future.