New addition to the team: Vladimíra Effenbergerová

Vladimíra Effenbergerová graduated from the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. For the last 24 years, she has worked for a multinational veterinary company as a Territory Manager, since 2020 in the role of trainer and mentor. She has proved her professional, business and managerial experience in international environments with high demands for flexibility.

Bohumír Šimerda and Petr Šafránek, Managing Directors of the company, welcomed the new employee on behalf of the entire company and wished her every success. They are convinced that her extensive professional and personal experience will contribute to the dynamic development of the company, not only in the field of product management and export.

"I was honoured to accept the offer to work for ADDICOO. I appreciate the success that this company has achieved on the Czech and international markets. I feel that I have returned to a familiar environment and I am looking forward to working with my colleagues. I am happy to offer my experience to further develop the company," says Vladimíra Effenbergerová